Sunday, March 9

Future Music Festival - Sydney 2014

So this was 30th birthday present! Thanks Linda :) I've been waiting to see Deadmou5 for sooooo long! And today it finally happened! The weather was amazing, sunshine and 28 degrees whole day. The festival area was big but in the afternoon around 4 pm it was already getting a bit too crowded. In the evening it got so crowded that it was almost impossible to move by the main stage. The prices of everything was ridiculous too. For a beer or other drink it was 12.50 AUD. Water was also 5 AUD. I was probably the worse customer on the whole festival only buying 1 bottle of water and then filling it up on the stations...Haha. Food was also over 15 AUD. Also, the line to all the drinks and food was horrible! So I had 2 good reasons not to buy anything. The stages were all really great and visual effects awesome! I saw some of my most favourite bands like: Porter Robinson, Hardwell, R3hab, Kaskade & Deamou5. Although it was really cool, I don't thing I'll be going to another festival for some time now. More fun when a band plays a longer set in a smaller places, specially if working there like when I worked for Elements in Beijing last year. 

Safari Stage
 Haunted House stage
 The indoor stage
 Gogo Kangaroo
 Main Stage - Stafford Brothers
 Main Stage - Martin Garrix
 Stage jump! Would have been cool to try but only winners of some competition held last month were allowed to jump

 The Foam Stage - Foamarama

 The Cocoon Stage
 Future Music Stage
 The McGrath tree?
 Jack Daniels stage
 Pharrell Williams, just did a stupid 30 minute hey hey bla bla 2 songs on the stage. But it was damn packed. Just because he got a grammy recently
 A few people...

 This was cool! While Kaskade was playing there was an airplane writing Armin Only in the sky!! Armin Only Intense is coming to Australia, I just saw it in Helsinki 2 weeks ago :)

 One of the awesome ones, Kaskade!
 Porter Robinson, this gig was awesome here and also in Elements last November! 
 Visuals for Porter, mindblow!

 After getting out of Porters gig the sun already gone down, beautiful sunset. 
 This years 2014 World #1 Dj! Saw him in August in Beijing and that was the best night of my life! 
 The one and only, Deadmou5! Been listening to this guy for so many years!

 Notice the mouse hat :)

 Everything ended around 23 already, the amount of people coming to look for a bus was horrible. Luckily we didn't need to queue more than about 45 minutes. This tunnel could have caused mass damage of there would have been somekinda panic. 

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