Saturday, March 8

Back to Beijing for a day!

It's a few months ago I was kinda lost, not knowing what will happen and where to go. No real job, nothing to boost the career and turning 30! The initial plan however was to stay in Beijing though. I decided long ago that when I turn 30 I do NOT want to be in China. But since I assumed that I was gonna fly out from Beijing I booked the flight tickets from there. So to recap the last few months:

A lot of things happened and on December 12th we flew to USA and stayed there almost 3 months. While being in USA I had 2 Skype interviews. They went so well that both companies wanted to meet me in Europe. Timing could not have been ANY better! I got free tickets from Phoenix to Berlin for the first interview. The second interview was even more prestige, they got me business class from Berlin - Stockholm - Helsinki. After being interviewed and talking about myself for over a week it was finally time to go HOME!  My Chinese working visa expired February 9th so could not even have gone back to China anyway without renewing it, but it's difficult to renew a working visa without a job...But, back to the issue of having plane tickets from Beijing - Sydney. Had to go to the Chinese embassy and get a tourist visa for China. Fist time in 4 years I've done that...Service there is still awful like before.

A few weeks in Finland was great, got to play some Xbox with Hede, see Armin Van Buuren's amazing show, Eesti day cruise and see Penkkarit in the city. So now, it's time to go back to Beijing for one last time before coming to Europe to work! It's has been quite an adventure!

We didn't waste any time in Beijing! First thing in the morning was to take a quick nap to ease out the jetlag, after that immediately to plan our Bunker Party Vol.2 which will be organised in Sihui on March the 15th. Too bad I'm missing it because the venue is totally EPIC!!

This is why it has been grey and misty in Helsinki, a thick layer of clouds
Just above Beijing area, seeing the sun go up on the Middle Kingdom first time in 4 months! Haven't been away this long from China since 2008!
Never seen the city this well from the plane! Can clearly see Guomao & CCTV TV tower. My old house is somewhere next to the tall ones

After preparations with the Bunker I was dead tired, crashed in the bed a few hours. Some pictures from the Bunker Vol.2 I took for marketing

 We need to cover the holes :D Were made for an elevator that was never build

 Elevator shaft

 Haha, saw this car parked on the street, Mr. Ding! 
 Haven't seen Beijing this clear for a long long time....
 My scooter after 4 months , the grey stuff is dust, should be black. Now imagine the lungs of the millions of people who lived their whole life in this city....ewww
Beijing never sleeps and today there was a lot of things going on in the nightlife scene. Started in Great Lead with some good food and catching up with old friends I hadn't sen for over 4 months. Sorry Jussi that I forgot your Ruisleip√§ home but you will get it on 10 days :) After Great Leap we went to Lantern, Tango & Vicks, WHAT a night! I can't wait to fly to Sydney tomorrow, specially when I went to sleep at 4am and next morning need to get up 9ish. 

Deep house music @ Lantern 
Danny Avila @ Tango
funny VJ:s

And last but not least, Alvaro @ Vicks

Seriously, what are the odds that everything has turned out so well?!?! I have been extremely lucky with timing and opportunities. Thank you mom & dad for all the help! Without you could never have come this far! Now it's less than a month before a new chapter in life starts. I will pop the news after my Australia trip! 

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