Sunday, March 23

My last week in Beijing, for good!

Wow, so many memories, so much fun and so many great people met in this city! I could NEVER have imagined that things will turn out like this after I first moved here back in 2008! Just a newly graduated little kid who didn't speak a word of Chinese or know how it works around here. Now about 6 years later I've learned that and also so much about the city! After driving around with a scooter for a long time in Beijing I think I could find my way better there than home in Helsinki. Thank you Beijing for the great years, but now I'm officially OUT farewell!

 Went to see a location for our Bunker Party Vol. 4! It will be in an old abandoned factory, EPIC!

 DJ stage will probably be build up on the old crane to the left

 Some cleaning will be needed too

 Tools still in place...

 There were about 40 dogs in the courtyard, someone is using it as a kennel now, only in China...
 Tried some shrimp in a Taiwanese place with Wasabi mayonnaise 
 Found some masks, looks like ARMY OF TWO is in town, Hede?
 This week has been pretty pollution free, it was only the first day after coming back from Sydney when Beijing was hit by a sandstorm and it was difficult to manage without a mask outdoors.
 Goodbye Dongzhimen! 

 Going away party in my 2 favourite bars, Great Leap & Nearby The Tree
Great Leap brews their own beer, one of the best ones is this HONEY MA 6.5%

 Best bar-food @ Nearby The Tree is by far the cold cuts + cheese! I probably had 100 of these the last 5 years here! 
 Our little group :) 
 Spring Wonderland party in a museum, was an awesome night! 

Great deco
 Drop the bass! 

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