Tuesday, March 18

Museums in Sydney

There are plenty of interesting places to visit for culture and history in the city. One of the must see are Power House Museum, Sydney Maritime Museum and Hyde Park prison. They had a really awesome show about old video games in the Power House Museum! Was awesome, there was Monkey Island, Day Of Tentacle, All Metal Gear Solid games + art and sooooo much more. Pretty much all the top games the last 20 years! 

Games Masters exhibition, probably the best one I have ever been to! 
 All the games you played during your lifetime. Hede & Micke, I sooooo would have wanted you 2 to be here! 
 Ye old SEGA!
 Atari, who could forget
 Oh man I feel old, these things were out when I was 6 years, now it's in a museum behind glass! So regret I sold my Nintendo away...
 PAC-MAN! The one and only 
 All the Metal Gear Solid games and merchandise
 Even Angry Birds was here! Probably the newest of them all....but I never played on this big screen before
 Back in the days when trains moved on coal and fire
 Was too tall to make it look the right way in this mirror 
 The fat suite! It was designed to make skinny people look fatter back in the days, being tubby was a sign of affluence then. 
 Tried out the electric chair

 Moon rock, smaller than the ones at JFK Space Station NASA
Sydney prison at Hyde Park

 Hyde park old prison, everyone had about 1.5meters of "own space"
 Halls of the prison, if your really quiet you can still hear their footsteps....
 The courthouse
 Public library, there is no filters to this picture, all windows are yellow tinted
Loads of space
Museum of art by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Must have taken quite some time to put up all these paper strips in the roof. 
Loads of cool paintings here, Rubens, Monet, Van Gogh etc 
 Random pictures in a room

 Rocks tied to metal wire from 3 angles keeping everything together

Bats, bats everywhere!
Rock art
Ok...talk about being EMO
The Maritime museum was awesome
First time onboard of a submarine...and in one. And ONSLOW was her name
The captain of this ship was 2 cm taller than me and I had a difficult time to walk here, the roof is just made for people under 180 cm tall. But it's kinda stressful to think that you dive for 6 weeks straight. Maximum depth with ONSLOW is 300 feet but safety depth 180 feet. 

 Torpedo hatches
The granade room
 The HW Vampire, could go up to 30.5 knots and this was back in the 1970s
 Hede, this one is for you, CURSES!!!!
Replica of James Cook's ship looked, it has sailed around the world 4 times already with "modern" crew and participated is the tall ships race

Dining area
Time is ticking...Soon the vacation and wait is over! 
Inside of the Maritime museum, old USA propaganda posters during WW2

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