Friday, March 14

The Spit - Manly Walk

The Spit Bridge – Manly walk is about 10 km long, probably one of the most “beautiful workouts” you can do. Getting there by bus is easy, just 20 minutes north of downtown. Experience the bluest sea you have ever seen from the beach and high cliffs with Sydney’s whole skyline as view! The weather could not have been more perfect either, just sunshine all day and 28 degrees. There is a lot of wildlife on the way too, saw a couple of giant geckos, never seen wild ones this big before. 

Can see the bottom of the sea even though waters are not shallow at all. Kinda looks like a postcard that is too good to be true. 
 The Spit bridge
 The walk is full of nature, soooo bluuue everything
 Rock formation looks like this all around Sydney, never seen anything similar
 Some parts of the walk are on the beach

 Giant geckos!
 Sydney skyline far away
 Paths are small but in good shape 
 Sailing boats and the ferry going back to Circle Quay (downtown)

 The Manly walk, penguins?
 Manly Beach
 Downtown, coming back on a ferry. One way price is 7 AUD. 
One of the most famous opera houses in the world...
 Walking back home, loads of tall buildings in downtown
 Museum of Sydney

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