Saturday, March 15

Spending a 30th birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes! It's been a looong journey with so many adventures to share with so many people lately. And just because of that, after running around the world non-stop I decided that I don't want to do anything else than chill on the beach on my birthday. We took the bus from downtown out to CooGee beach. On the way to the beach I went to buy all kinds of cool ice cold Australian beers from different microbreweries. Never seen the likes of these anywhere else, were really great and refreshing.

The Coogee beach was great because there was also shade next to the place we were at ,whenever it got too hot back in the shade or out swimming. Ice cold beer, good music on the ipad, the best scenery one can have, not a trouble in the world and in great company. I think I'll remember my 30th birthday as the best of them all! At least so far :) Thanks mom & dad for this!!!

But it gets better!! At 23.40 still the same day I receive a work contract in my inbox! I HAVE A JOB! On April 1st I will move to Stockholm and start working in a company called BIOGAIA. Biogaia makes & sells probiotic products. If you are in Finland you might have used/heard of them but they go under the name of RELA (maitohappobakteeri). I will be in charge of their Asia development ! I will first work in Stockholm about 3 months and after that be stationed in Shanghai. If anyone wants to come and visit me in Stockholm, just gimme heads up! Good old Shanghai, coming back for ya!! Wohoo, can one get any better presents? Just a few months ago everything looked very uncertain...And now everything is complete!

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