Sunday, October 16

Kyoto - Temples & shrines

We didn't have much luck with the weather, rain kept hammering down most of the day in Kyoto. There was an eerie mist that added quite a nice extra Silent Hill effect to the whole scenery.

There are hundreds of temples in Kyoto and we only went to 3 of them. Really need to explore more of this place another time, and hopefully in sunshine.

The railway station itself is worth to check out in Kyoto. They have a huge ramen area on the top floor, yum yum! 
Nice view from the top of the train station 
One nice temple in the horizon. Must be a great skyline form there 
Folding level: Master 

Not the best day in kimono...
The amazing Kiyomizu temple! 

Kyoto Skyline 
Hiding someones face with my hand :D 
Cool flow of water 
Loads fo stores and restaurant on the way down from the temple. If you only have time to visit a few places while in Kyoto, this is it! 
Fushimi Inari
Arches at Fushimi Inari 

Had to cut down a few trees for this...

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