Tuesday, October 11

Osaka - Hogwarts & Zombie Apocalypse

Took the Shinkansen to Osaka, takes about 2 hours +. Weather was grey but not rainy so we decided to take most out of it. Visited the Osaka castle, Joypolis (the one in Tokyo much better and bigger), and tried some of Osaka's famous local food.

Found a hustler at the train station, what a great name for a car! 
Osaka castle was amazing. The way they build is genius, was probably one of the most difficult buildings to besiege in old times!
First point of defence and nice morning reflection 
Pretty nice view from up in the castle 
The guy was just chilling by the castle drinking booze with his dogs...who were wearing sunglasses haha 
After visitign the gorgeous castle we went to aquarium. I've never seen a graffiti of Ron Jeremy before and Japan was the last place I would expect one! 
Osaka Aquarium 
Whale Shark 1 - Hede 0 
The fish tank is gigantic here, they have a couple of big whale sharks in it too 
Some giant crabs 
Feeding time :) 
The guys from south pole 
Got upgraded to a Japanese styled suite, was really cool! Sleep on a tatami
Onsen styled bath 
The observatory just next to the hotel had a great panorama of Osaka. It's a long way down...
Big city, houses and lights as far as meets the eye  

Salarimen heading home from the bars & izakayas
Some of the love hotels really have fun themes like this Christmas one 
Mario Kart racing at Joypolice 
Congrats to the mushroom man this race 
View from the hotel top floor was really something 

My all time favorite place is def Universal Studios theme parks. Did the same thing as last year, Universal Studios during their Halloween Special! Big thank to BAE who booked our tickets and fast passes so that we could get most out of the park! Going to Hogwarts, seeing Waterworld live show, horror houses with live people, crazy rollercoasters and all your favourite movies in one place can't go wrong.

Watch out for Jaws...

Umbrella corp is coming 
Incredible spiderman! 
Fans of the Harry Potter tank top 
Sesame street 
 Minions bouncing on stage
The new rolle coasted has a 3 hour line, luckily we bought ourself past it. Twice. Thanks to bae :) Was the most amazing roller coaster ride I've been to. Flying Dinosaur
Water World ! 
Could not recommend this to anyone. Just get a regular beer 
Hogsmeade by night is gorgeous 
5 PM - Mel's Drive In 
8 PM - Mel's Die In 
It's 6 PM and the Zombies are all over the park! 

Until next year again Universal Osaka! 

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