Tuesday, October 4

Phuket Paradise!

Came to prepare some stuff for next year in Phuket, what a wonderful place it is! Does not feel that long ago when I was just drifting here at my friends place. Thanks Roberto for staying at your place about 2 weeks back in those days. 

Every room at the Westin has ocean view! 
Talk about white sand 

So far the best gym view I've had 
 Rooms have private pools with the most amazing view! 
Evening sunset from the balcony was almost like Northern lights 
 Rented a bike to take care of some errands in the city. Took a bit of detour to admire the beaches.

 Ao Sane beach 
 Hot Dog 
Went Yaht shopping, more to be unveiled next year. 
 Went back and forth to Patong Walking street for old times sake. It's still the same crazy party scene as before where everything goes. 

Buying Bae some mangoes before going home. Time to smuggle past the Japanese customs once again...


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