Thursday, October 20

A week in Tokyo

Nice chill-out home for a week before going on the next adventure far far west...The longer I stay in Tokyo the more I like it! It's so much better now when able to speak basic Japanese and know my way around the city. Also, I don't get lost in this massive subway anymore :) 

 Good morning Tokyo!! 
Few rail lines, JR towards Shinagawa
 OLNY in Japan will you see a Gozilla holding a sign to promote some anime stuff. Hilarious 
A drugstore having some BioGaia promotions 
 Out at our usual teppanyaki place where the owner is an old athlete. All employees must wear sport clothes. Great food! 
 And my favourite, eel for lunch! 
Out table shopping, finally! Meatballs & lax in Ikea while doing so :)

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