Wednesday, October 5

Brotime in Tokyo!

Finally you arrived! Been waiting for months to have someone visit me! It was an awesome weekend to start with Monja, then fish market and hit the Robot Restaurant. Already the 4th time I see the show but always as hilarious. Too bad that the WHOLE week was raining or cloudy. You didn't really get the best out of Tokyo weather wise but next time!

 First stop: Monja & ice cold Asahi
Skål! Local IPA on a Sunday morning is the best way to start the day
In search of fish 

 Robot Restaurant lounge. Quite a trippy place 

 Ren Restaurant, if you been to see the robot show you get 50% off your drink here 
 Ghibli Studio in Mitaka, the Disney of Asia. Check out the Ghibli movies if you haven't already seen them! 
There are limited ticket for each day and you have to buy them in advance. 

One Piece exhibition in Tokyo Tower. It was this show that inspired me to go to Japan around 20 years ago. I still remember when you brought a few episodes on that hard drive. This then lead going to China and rest is histroy. Thanks to Luffy and his crew for changing my life indirectly. 
 Tokyo Tower by night 
Super Potato has a loooot of retro games and machines. 

Out in Akihabara playing retro games and  
  The Player Restaurant and Bar. Can't go wrong with Hot-dogs & beer 

 Goodbeer Faucets in Shibuya. 40 beers on tap! Yum yum 
 Sensoji temple in Akasaka, few umbrellas on a rainy day  
The horn of plenty, Asahi bar & restaurant just next to Sensoji temple. Beer wasn't anything special there though. 
 Sushi at Tsukiji Fish market, nom nom nom. After this all the sushi outside Japan taste awful (if not super exclusive)

 Plate like this about 30 euros 
  Odaiba Joypolis arcade land is so much fun and a must visit for any gamer 
 House of the Dead 4 in 3D, moving chair and guns. Creepy and so well made! Love it 
 Grim when I'm eyeless
I would have loved to live in Tokyo as a kid!!!! 
 The whole week was rainy and grey in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto but the moment you left the sun came back. Let's hope for less greyness next year. Next blog coming up: Our adventures in Osaka, here we come Hogwarts! 

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