Friday, August 26

Fantastic summer Tokyo and retro gamers paradise

Finally in 1 place for 2 weeks, good to be home. But coming home means school every morning 9 - 12. Japanese is so so difficult to learn! My short term memory isn't really too great so it feels like I forget everything in an instance. I dare to say that this is by far the most difficult task I've taken in my life. Or at least it feels like it. Chinese seemed easier or then I'm just forgetting how frustrated I used to be when I didn't understand. Still remember us having 25 new words every day which means 25 new characters to write. Notebook after notebook full of writing. Maybe I'm just becoming old and slow now :D

The summer in Tokyo has been fantastic! Most days are clear blue sky and around 30 degrees. Wish this heat & sunshine would last as long as possible. Got a sofa from Ikea to the balcony, best spot to chill with killer view.

So much appreciate the evening runs when living in Tsukishima!
Harumi island river side 

They made sure NO ONE drives a bike or car under this bridge 
Morning coffee and weekend office  
Tasty looking tentacles in local supermarket
And other seafood
This gorgeous sunset one evening
Feels like your 24/7 standing on your toes when everyday is about learning learning remembering and trying to figure out the Da Vinci code
Had a "pera pera" night at the school. 1 hour only speaking Japanese with locals and 1 hour only english. 
Tokyo summers are so much more than I ever expected !
 Went for a 12 kilometer run one night, back and forth to Tokyo tower. Steel red!
 Been waiting to stroll around Akihabara ever since I moved here and now did so. This really is a retro games paradise!! You can buy all games ever made to old Nintendo machines or any other consoles for that matter. MUST visit for old-school gamers. Laakso I wish you see this!
 Re-buy an old Nintendo 8-bit! It's less than 100 euros
 Or a SNES
It's me, MARIO
 Or is you don't want to buy the machine home play some Mario on the original arcade machines
Anime shop with all kinds of geeky stuff 
Gundam cafe, huge let down. There is ALWAYS a que outside this place. First time I came to Tokyo 2009 I was wondering what was so special inside but didn't bother queing. Now I did and know that it's nothing worth waiting for.
Found these Matrix sheep on our backyard, dissolve!  
 Blue sky lover, still in a process of getting over the polluted Chinese skies
A Taifoon swept Tokyo. Most things in the city closed down and the rain made it look a lot like Silent Hill. Or if not Silent Hill, Beijing on a polluted day.
Hours after the Taifoon swept by, heavy clouds! 

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