Friday, August 5

BioGaia launch in Philippines

Another country launched with BioGaia in Asia! This is my third country that I launch after being with this amazing company for about 2,5 years.

Spent a few days in Manila training the new team, went to Children's Mission like you might have seen in the previous blog post and sat in some meetings. Ate waaay too much good food these past few days but also had some perfectly ripe and healthy mango shakes. All the weight I lost my first 3 months in Tokyo is coming back after a month in Europe and week in Philippines. In serious need of working out now.

Tomorrow afternoon heading south...To Boracay! Stay tuned for some amazing beach pictures coming up.

Cloud looked like Manila was being bombed 
 The breakfast at Shangri-La Edsa is so fantastic! They have everything you can imagine to eat in the morning. The price you pay here for an amazing hotel you will just get a 3-4 star in Stockholm. 
 Here we go! Flotera ProTectis whole day training 

Put your hands in the air if you're having fuuuun! 
Our partners campus is huuuuge, right in the central of Manila. Could be a university campus
 They booked Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant for us in the evening, ate waaaaay to many wings but so worth it. Chicken wings don't get much better than this. Were were official sponsors of wiiiild tonight, 
 All that food!!

 And let's not forget the Buffalo mascot 
 Jetlag hit in and I woke up around 2:30. Could not get sleep so went to an empty gym from 4 - 5:30 am. Luckily it's a 24h gym in the hotel. By the afternoon I already felt quite destroyed. 
 Pool is nice here but didn't have any time to enjoy it

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