Sunday, September 4

Anything in Manila, almost

Another fantastic symposium delivered in Manila! Spent a few days in Manila to further prepare our products for the market. Stayed in a different part of the city this time and discovered a lot more to it! The Fort area is just 4 km from the place I used to stay before but it's like being in another country.

New Shangri-La just opened in The Fort, fantastic place! 
Pool was so crowded on a Sunday but Monday was a different thing. Empty! Would be nice to have some extra time and chill out here 
Tagui city police is "Bomb Squad". Ok don't wanna mess with these guys 
The Pokemon game was just release in Philippines, like any other country it's craze. Pool Club even had a flag waving Pikachu ! 

The biggest gym I've seen in a hotel. There were 2 floors of some of the best equipments. And also a shop for health smoothies and fruit, protein shakes etc as a post workout. 
 Cool down and electrify 
Mercato market by day...Nothing...But by night, full of food! Really cool graffiti of this Space-Man
 Went for some streetfood at Mercato, yum yum. Soon good after only been eating healthy mostly vegetable food for 10 days. 
 Some sightseeing in Intra Muros, old Spanish Colonial Fort. I wonder what the inhabitants were thinking when Europeans came carrying crosses, guns and swords 
Remaining walls and cannons 

Casa Blanca 

Oldest cathedral in Asia, the only time I've seen Jesus with a sword. Religion was more hostile before! 

The Glory of God
Re enactment with a lot of nuns from Italy who were visiting the catherdral 
 Barbaras restaurant in Casa Blanca, Intramuros. Live old Spanish music and a bit of Filipino-Spanish fusion food. Cheaper than McDonalds back home...
 But the actual reason for coming here was the Philippines Paediatric and Gastrointestinal Symposium. So awesome that BioGaia is finally in Philipines.
Setting up the tech. Of course the projector wasn't really Mac compatible so took us a lot of time trying to adjust it but without result. 
 But didn't matter, the show must go on! 
 Amazing presentation it was and I sneaked into the last slide :O
 Cigar, whiskey & chocolate after the show. Thanks a lot Michael! The Peninsula Cigar bar was really something! 
Goodbye Manila, nice to go home again :)

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