Sunday, August 14

Tokyo Summer Festivals

There are plenty of summer festivals in Tokyo! The Haneda Matsuri is an event where people are carrying a carriage for the gods and then jumping up and down with it. I know this doesn't really make any sense but I added a video below. Have never seen anything like this before.

The annual Hanabi was organised on Saturday night. Came to this amazing event last year too. It is by far the most beautiful firework show I've ever seen! Thousands of people gather around the river in Chiba (30 minutes outside downtown Tokyo) and enjoy a 90 minute firework show. Thanks Disney for a fantastic show.

Fluffy skies with summer clouds
Streets packed with people 

 Up & Down! Would you want to do this in 35 degree sunshine for a few hours? 

For Haneda area 
Taking a rest after the long carry 
 Ice cold beer must be good ! 
They have loads of nice streetfood at the nearby temple, most people go here to eat and sit for a drink afterwards. It's a veeeery hot day to be doing stuff like this! 
Getting ready for the Hanabi, most people come in the noon to put out a blanket to reserve a seating spot. And so did we. 

Tokyo Sky Tree in the horizon, if we have time Henkka let's go check it out next month. 
 Show is about to start....
 On the other side of the river also packed with people 
Gorgeous sunset, like last year 
 Found a grasshopper bigger than my hand 
 Mount Fuji build with fireworks 
The camera doesn't really catch the moment so well but you can imagine the sky lit up and massive fireworks for over an hour. 

 A bot of chaos when thousands of people leave the same time. But even though there are this much people they all wait for their turn and nobody is pushing. If this would be in China it would be mayhem and fighting with elbows to pass the crowd.
And so it's time to go again! Sunday morning with some ice coffee, salmon and miso soup in the JAL lounge. Here we come Sri Lanka!  Flight to Colombo almost as long as back to Helsinki. 

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