Saturday, August 6

Boracay white beach Paradise

Been wanting to go to Boracay for a looooong time but there has always been something else. I was expecting a peaceful place with beautiful beaches but it wasn't exactly what I imagined. Boracay was crowded like an anthill, mainly tourists from Korea and China.
There is no airport to Boracay, you have to fly to on an island next to Boracay called Caticlan. From Caticlan airport you need a car to drive your luggage to a boat, take the boat over and then again load your luggage to a car that takes you to designated hotel. It's really messy when thousands of people cross this little place on a daily basis.

Taking off from Caticlan to Boracay, 15 minutes by boat 
Lot of boat traffic here 
 Hassel and confusion at the boat terminal 

The beaches were packed with people, but if you walk to Station 1 which is the northern part of the island it gets empty. Once you settled in a nice and quiet place the island is gorgeous! Just feel bad for the environment here. It's really getting destroyed by the mass influx of tourists.

Station 2, toooo crowded 

The whole beachfront is full of shops and restaurants of all kinds 
Early in the morning still empty of people. Thank you jetlag 
More beautiful the more north you go. Station 1
Shrine in the sea 
This is what you can call a white sand beach 
Empty at Station 1 
Best fruit shakes on the island at Jonah's they say. Mango yum yum 
First nights sunset was gorgeous
Day 2 wasn't bad either
In the evening the beaches are full of people and almost all restaurants serve buffe dinners 
That is some stack of meat
Blog is a bit delayed 

We had some more training for our local staff for a few days while being in Boracay. Ate way too much and since it was over 30 degrees hot they made sure we had enough of refreshing local San Miguel beer.

Recapping what had been discussed in Manila  

Best employee awards 
My dream team! 
The airport only has 2 gates and every plane was late. Had to go to the airport 4 hours before my flight and change to an earlier one because the transfer time in Manila was too short. Luckily made it back in time without any problem. 
 Goodbye gorgrous island. Wish I would have visited 10 years ago before the massive tourist rally 

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