Friday, August 12

Finally back home in Tokyo!

Feels like I was gone for half a year or something from Tokyo. Coming back to is just amazing, it's been so long since I lived "stabel". Last 9 months has mostly been hotels and friends places. Not anymore :) Tsukishima rocks!

Have a morning coffee on the balcony and watching the city is really the perfect way to wake up

We went out to Kamakura the first weekend here, beaches were even more crowded than Boracay! Sand was dark brown and everyone was hunting for Pokemons at Enoshima island.

Good to be home and wake up to this every morning and check sunset every night 

When coming home from work and getting this, oh jeaaaah
Buy a ticket and stick it to the shrine for good fortune at Yurakucho station 
TOHO Mall, we went to see Finding Dory, great clip 
Night jogging around this area are probably one of the best things after living in smoggy China so many years
Found a REAL Pokemon in the park! It's hoooot to run in over 30 degrees and humid
Monja Streey next to the house, it was so much fun when all of you guys & girls were here! Parents too 
Tsukiji Fish market
Tsukishima & Harumi riverside 

Healthy start on the day with yoghurt and seeds / dried berries 
The traffic police gives a fine to a bike, ha! Just next to our office in Shinagawa
Went to lecture in Tokyo Medical Universe, on the way back home the Ochanomizu Station was light up in a very Swedish way
Some good looking Okonomiyaki
There are often differnt kind of food stalls + others during the summers

Lunch at Yoshinoya, cheap fast and good with grilled veggies & salmon
I've been buying magnets from most places I go to, we discovered that the door is magnetic.
Takes about 1 hour by train to Kamakura. Walk down the Komachi street and get some snacks and food! 
Crowded on a weekend
Continue up the street until you reach the temple 
Turtles and gardens in the temple 
Lotus chilling 

Once you get up in the temple the town skyline is nice! 

This guys dog didn't feel like walking so he was hitch hiking 
Beach! Looks good from further away but....
Nope! Waaay too crowded to stay here 
Seaside feels a lot like Hawaii
Local delicacy added to the pasta
Time to go check out Enoshima 
Crowded and scorching hot to walk up all the way
View from Endoshima Island
The took cold beer seriously here
Cuttlefish anyone? 
View, sunshine and ice cold beer. This restaurant was amazing. North east side of the island 

Let's go check out some deep sea creatures 
Dolphins have a show a few times everyday 

Creatures from the deep in the aquarium. This beast lives 3000 meter deep, not something you would want to meet while snorkling
These guys I've seen many times when diving. Hi Murray 
Jelly fish show 
Gorgeous sunset
 Mount Fuji looming in the background 

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