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Happy New Year from Berlin! Best city in Europe!

Doesn't feel too long ago since we spent a week in Berlin but exactly a year has passed. Last year I also arrived on December 26th and left January 2nd. On the menu for this time there there were the same ingredients but in different locations. I managed to seal 3 of my bucket list items I came for.

1: Berghain - Worlds BEST club (voted plenty of times and I know exactly why now)
2. Teufelsberg - A old fake build spy station by the USSR
3. Spreepark -The abandoned theme park

We started the day with a tour in one of the few survived mass bomb shelters, it wasn't allowed to take any photos down there so I don't have much to show. Only say. This massive underground shelter was build for about 800 people but when there was an airstrike warming (and there was a lot of them in 1945) as many as 4000 crammed into this small place. The reason it was not destroyed after the was is because it is connected with the railway. Destroying it would also stop trains from moving so that wasn't so convenient. US & Russia were disarm Germany after WW2 and all military structures had to go...nobody wanted a potential WW3 to break out later. There is also a bunker memorial on the hills next to this with a great view over the city.

After a house party we went to Bergahain, there was about 1 hour line. They only let in about 25% of the people who try to get in. Only people who look like serious party people are non-touristy get in. And we got in straight away when we came to the door. Awesome! No pictures are allowed inside and they glue a sticker to your phone camera. The place was amazing and the sound system there is like nowhere else! If there is one club your life you should visit it's this place! On the second night I went in there again. The place is always open 3 days straight, once you have the Berghain tag on your wrist your good to just go in.

We also went to Teufelsberg just before the new year, the Russians build a decoy spy station that now has been abandoned a long time. Amazing sunset here and tons of cool graffiti. It's just a 25 minute ride outside the city by S-bahn and then some walking.

New years eve we had a fancy but a but over priced dinner since the food didn't really live up to what we paid for. However the place was nice and company great! Didn't go out on NYE because the whole city is so packed. Home party was fun and the ride to the party after Guiseppe got us a convertible.

It was great to be surrounded by loads of people for a whole week, been most of the year almost alone constantly. Suddenly noticed that I feel much better and somehow happier. This trip was a really good idea! Thank you Walter, you always set up so good trips all the way since 2007 when we did that road trip in Germany! You guys rock, Happy New Year 2016, it's going to be awesome!

Berlin Tegel, probably one of the worse airports I been to. Wonder when a new one will be build here. It's small and does not really offer anything. Shops were closed too and the only thing I was able to buy was a croissant filled with some apple sauce and a too yucky sweet yoghurt. Buuuut it was a very beautiful morning!
First thing I see when I come out of the subway, you know your in Berlin when it's this messy! Love it 
Ein Berliner 
 Sip of my first Berlin beer 
 You guys rock
 Berlin skyline, probably a ski slope in the horizon....when there is snow 
 Like something out of DDR archives  
 Friends alwasy help a frined when he drops something, like a lens cover 
 You borrow your camera for 5 minutes to someone and they think it's drink time 
Thanks Jan for having me stay a few days at your place
Meinhaus is a cool place to have some locally brewed beer 
Just outside Berghain, this will be an awesome night! 
 Hand-in-hand, together we are better & stronger 
 View from Teufelsberg is amazing, perfect clear sunset too 

 Welcome to an authentic Berlin experience

 Resident evil much? 

 The fake spy station 
 Sometimes I also wonder...
 Amazing graffiti here 

 It's almost like a real Springfield 

 Did you ever play Red Alert? Then you know what I mean 
 Haha Muricaaa

Inside the upper dome. There is an amazing echo, you can hear whispers from any side of the room and the sounds are catalysed into a louder. Where ever you stand. Cool stuff 
 The one that got destroyed 

 Rats, rats, everywhere! Mansons Mechanical Animals just became a fact 
 He-Man save us 
 A different kind of dream catcher 

 Henry trying to grab the sky
 Few cans of spray was used 
 Was great to see you again Kevin, it's almost 2 years since I got tickets to Berlin from US for that one interview. Next week in Hong Kong I will show you my side of the world! 
 Beautiful Charlottenburg reflections 

Thanks for you amazing breakfast & coffee. This was topnotch
 When I was little I always wanted to find one of these but Finland barely had any. The name in Swedish is "cable straw". I thought it was some kind of growing cable, what a disappointment. I also thought that you get cancer from eating seeds because my grandma said that cancer is a plant that grows in your stomach. Guess I wasn't the brightest kid.   
 You know your in east Berlin when you see this green man with a hat
 Walking around I randomly found the abandoned theme park. Scenery by the lake was really nice in the sunset

 Looks inviting
 The park has been here a long long time, I wonder why it was never completed 

 Creepy much? 

 The ferris wheel started to slowly move and had this dry metallic squeaking sound to it. Almost like ghosts were riding it. I would get it if it would have been windy and that could have caused it but like you can see from the lake surface there was hardly any breeze even. Maybe ghosts come out on new years eve
Happy New Year! 
Mom & Dad had a more classy NYE in Vienna, you guys look great! 
I think the best thing from NYE was when Guiseppe got us this convertible Mini and Henry who insisted on taking the balloons to wherever he went. Good job man! Lot of happy people

 Ravaged by new year, park looks like a war zone 
Lot of reflection here 
 Wish all stores in China has this much beer choices....
Early eerie misty January 1st 
 Hermannstrasse U-bahn was very yellow 
 I love it how someone just left a TV on the pedestrians walkway and wrote fully working, wonder who the lucky new owner is? 
 Wonder who lives here...
 This smells Berlin from miles away
 Kristian, your flat had a lot of cool stuff by the entrance 
 There was a small restaurant opposite of the apartment we had with great brekkie. It just took them half a forever to prepare it. Still we went there 3 days straight. 
Before we went out to a gig in Kosmonaut we found this craft beer place that had jst opened. The drinks didn't have any price. You put as much in the cashier afterwards as you thought it was worth. Nice! 
Kosmonaut was a small and really cool underground techno place. It just got too crowded at hot around 4 am so we left. 

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