Thursday, January 7

Snow came to Helsinki

What a weeeeeek in Berlin! I feel fantastic and so full of energy to jumpstart 2016. Can't wait for all the things ahead. New country, new places to visit, new people to meet and making everything even better than last year. Maybe this sounds strange but after a long slow Christmas and 1 week holiday in Berlin I REALLY want to go back to the office.

Sauna home, get a long nights sleep and off to Stockholm. Usually my visits home last a bit longer than 24 hours but not today...Then again Stockholm is pretty much like home :) Love that city.

Snow finally came...Christmas was warmer than Midsummer but now it seem to have tured into a "normal" winter. So much prettier with some snow, I'm really not a fan of the cold though

 Oldschool Mario Kart on Wii, thanks Laakso for borrowing! Almost finished all the gold medals now :)

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