Friday, January 15

Winter in Stockholm

You go to work it's dark, you go back home it's dark. This it the average life for 4 months to all people that live up here in the north during winters. But that 6 hours of sunshine is amazing when it's a clear day! Even though it's -14 I walked around most of the city. Started from the central station where my hotel is and walked up to Riddarholmen, then around Södra Mälaren to Slussen and back down to Gamla Stan followed by some Mexican food on Stureplan. A good 13 of walk and amazing sunshine on this gorgeous capital on Scandinavia!

If you wanna pick a spot where you can easily see most of Stockholm, then Gondolen is the right place

Du gamla du fria

Eriks Gondolen is also an awesome restaurant!!

Dreamy looking Gröna Lund 
Ice cold blue 
Love up in Gondolen 
Skeppsholmen...That ship is actually a hotel. Should try to stay there some nights next time 
A perfectly clear day 

Like a yellow version of the cathedral in Helsinki 

Gamla Stan - Stockholm at it's best 

The lion guards the Royal Palace
The little iron boy always get different nittings in the winter. It's said that some old lady who lives around the area makes him and changes them now and then. If you want to find him, just go look for him behind the Finnish Church in Old Town. 
It's still Christmas mood here 

Red red sky 
Riddarholm Church, closed during winters
Free gold 
Love these old buildings 
-14 and the water knows it...smoke on the surface
Found a spot of reflection and a whirlwind in the water. Wonder what in the middle of the sea makes it spin like this...
Hail to Birger Jarl, founder of Stockholm. If your into templar and knights read the trilogy with one book called Arvet Efter Arn. The story revolves a lot around Birger Jarl in the last book.  
The City hall majestic in the red sunset 
Tre Kronor - The Swedish Kingdom including Norway & Denmark 
Södra Mälaren 

Went it to this place because I thought it would be some kind cafe. I was very wrong, instead it was a church offering free coffee and sandwiches for "troubled" people. I could here 2 tables next to me discussing their drug abuse and problems. I probably don't really belong here but the coffee and sandwich were great and nice to warm oneself after walking 2 hours in -14 degrees 
Wasn't the kind of church I expected...
But hey, free food and coffee...and she chipped in half an egg 
Go to Mosebacken for a great view! 

Oldschool phone 
Towards Stureplan, high Christmas here too 

Our office view is gorgeous! 
Blå Dörren, very cool old building from the 16th century and topnotch food for a reasonable price 
Passed the Royal Armoury, never been before so thought I have a look. Loads of cool treasure and armours!
They really put a lot of effort in pining their rides before. According to the text about this one, the most valuable and expensive thing on it is the silk cloth. 
Walk down Drottning gatan and you will find this sweet store! 
Really nice food and old authentic feeling in Bakfickan (just behind the royal opera) 

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