Monday, January 18

Goodbye Europe, it's a white Finland now

5 weeks has passed, for some reason it feels like 3 years ago since I was in Lund. Strange, only about a month passed. Must be something with this ethereal darkness.

I took a time-lapse video how it is to drive in heavy snowfall. Good that we have a SUV that is high enough not to get stuck in the snow. I guess it's gonna take some times again before I see snow. -15 degrees does not even feel cold anymore after getting used to it.

Like always, it would have been good to see more friends but the Christmas holidays really take up a lot of space and time. I'll be back in April again!

Snowstorm! If you look on the right side on the highway you will see other cars that gotten stuck in the snow
Snow, so much snow!!! 
Our backyard has seen better days 
Good workout to clean the yard of this 
 This is how Christmas eve should have looked like, not green and 11 degrees warm
Went to see my flat I still have in Helsinki because a new tenant is moving in. It looks just like before! Kinda felt like moving back in when I came here. Good old Drumsö 

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