Monday, January 4

Happy New Year! And some thoughts from 2015

It's that time of the year again, time to change a new year and think back on all that happened in 2015. Now that's a pretty long list...Where to start even? Waltsu, you thought me something new the other day by saying that you only remember things of importance after too many drinks. Like when you told me to pick up my stuff when we were leaving the bar. The events that really stuck to my head from 2015 would be

  • Getting engaged and always having some to rely on and share the best time ever! 
  • Last NYE at Tiffanys with an amazing penthouse view
  • Morotbike trip around central Vietnam
  • Sunrise by Ankor Wat 
  • A few crazy nights out at Khaosan Road 
  • When Kapila picked me up in the middle of the night in Colombo and we drove to Yala Safari
  • Rottnest Island outside Perth - Beyond beautiful 
  • Finally seeing more of Tokyo
  • Went to Berghain (twice even)
  • Didn't lose anything very valuable or miss any flights even there were about 300 days on the road
  • The SPA treatment at Andaman in Langkawi 
  • Was again reminded how amazing and supportive my parents are. Every day. Thanks Mom, thanks Dad
  • How much it hurt when grandma passed away 
  • Those amazing nights in The Mansion 
  • Your birthday James and how we overdosed on McDonalds at 5 am 
  • That Lighthouse we climbed to Miguel. It was absolutely insane and the most frightening thing I've done. What a rush! 
  • Universal Studios in Osaka Halloween version. Guys running around with chainsaws
  • Discovered how beautiful Southern New Zealand is and saw the area where Lord Of The Rings was filmed
  • Spent a few nights in a prison (hotel)
  • Met Zyzz's brother 
  • Sent some of BioGaia ProDentis products to the King of Thailand
  • Saw Taj Mahal and realised people do crazy thing for love
  • Launched BioGaia in Vietnam and was on national TV there
  • Had an awesome roommate who always lendes a helping hand whenever I needed & wherever. Thanks Fred, always at your service
  • Went to Ghibli Museum! Had been waiting for this 15 years! Thanks boo
  • Now I know that Tokyos summer fireworks are the best in the world. Seriously, BEST
  • Drank more craft beers than ever before, yummy! Probalby need to lose a few kilos 2016
  • Was interviewed for Tokyo TV when visiting the gold fish museum
  • Organised a rave on the great wall in the summer. Epic
  • Rode an elephant which later gave me 3 showers 
  • Lecturing on Intercultural Business in Arcada University of Applied Science (My first lecture)

Those are things tip of my tongue, I probably forgot lot of cool and fun stuff but I want to thank you few who I spent more time with. 2015 was amazing, a really really amazing year. It's a joy to look back at it and know that I gave 100%, there is nothing that bugs me I didn't do....or couldn't. Looking forward at all the new changes that 2016 is going to bring! 

Some of the highlights this year in pictures!

Ankor Wat sunrise at 4.30 am
Dong Hoi to Da Nang by bike 
 Arrived alive in Hoi An after some really amazing 800 kilometers 
Moo, hai, baa, yoo! This was an unforgettable TET, right boo? 
 Grannys funeral with all the cousins 
 So happy you also found your other half Waltsu, the trips we done have always been mind-blowing and...unique. And you showed me a part of Helsinki & Berlin I had no idea existed
 And Junior, it never gets boring when we hit the city :D To be continued 
 Lake Tekapo - I had to sit down and give it a good 30 minute stare. Life was truly beautiful this day
 Tarzan in the outskirts of Colombo 
 My first lecture, when I was done I noticed I had talked almost non stop 1h 22min  
 The rave on the great wall, was nostalgic to be with the party organisers in Beijing again 
 My best friend since a few decades already, let's have another awesome trip this year again and more Xbox :) Brunei and Borneo was so random! 
 I don't have a picture with all you wonderful colleagues but you really make it worth waking up every morning and churn them emails! 
Once this year I "saw the light" a late night in Hong Kong 
 James & Laoban! I'm so happy we met all those years ago! Wish we could spend more time 2016 
Finally saw the Robot Restaurant show, def also one of the highlights this year. You really have to see it to get it. Youtube Robot Restaurant and you understand what I mean 

 Ghibli, almost there! Was so excited. But no pictures inside
 1, 2, 3 on AIR
 Good times buddy! The Shanghai flat we shared is by far the best one I had in China! Welcome to Tokyo anytime! 
Also got to revisit Hogwarts! 2 happy geeks during Halloween 

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