Tuesday, December 22

Timeless Lund for a week

Back in my old hometown. Can't believe that a year has already gone by since last time. Not really the best time of the year to visit. When I lived here last May it was perfect! This town is almost like a fairy tale. Feel like time stops here...But in the mist it could also be something of Silent Hill. Quiet and empty streets. Except now for the Christmas rush, shoppers running around town.

The office here is beyond nice. Fika galore every day and so much good Xmas food. Tasted the best Fudge I ever had. Big salute to the chef. Fat-up December it is. 
And the market is also full of mouthwatering delicacies 
 "The perfect Xmas gift" could be something like this too. At least according to the sign 
 Snow? Nope, it's been around 5-8 degrees the whole week. Global warming finally got us
 Found an amazing gym called Gerdahallen. 2 floors or machines, free weights, many rooms for different cardio training. More of this everywhere please.  

Lifting time 
 Finish with a longer run around the city. Are there any other people here? 

 Central Square, Mårtenstorget 
Lokal carpenter that's been here...half forever. 

 End of the week went to the airport to pick up Mona. They have closed the border between Sweden & Denmark now. When the train comes from Copenhagen to Malmö they check everyones passport / ID. There was a girl behind me that didn't have a passport on her and was taken away by the police. Kinda looked Indonesian or Malaysian. Wonder what her story was...Looked very nervous.
 Visit TwoPac. The whole week has been a constant grey. Sunlight last for a whole 6 hours. Going back to this after being so many years gone makes me think how people cope with it? But looking at the bright side, it will only start getting better after Christmas eve, slowly...  Sun goes up 9:15 and down around 15.  Going to work: dark, coming back home: dark. Awful time of the year...
 The miracle house that produces ProTectis to most our global markets 
 Some Fika, these buns are filled with almond paste and soooo good. I wonder how much weight I gained this week after eating all this amazing stuff. 
Lund cathedral square. They really used imagination for the reception hall next to the cathedral. Looks like something industrial to me
 Lund cathedral, it's massive! Must have been a very important spot in the old time when this building was done here. It's already about 1000 years old. 
"Lund was founded by the Benedictinian monks and the Danish kings. They chose Lund for their Arch bishop church. In 1104 Lund became head of all Christians in Scandinavia. Today one can find the remains (some brickstones) of the Benedict Monastry north of the University Library in Lund. The church was built with inspiration from the German Dome in Speyer . Probably were english masons involved and perhaps they took the story from the brittish Island Staffa to Lund by carving the Giant Fingal (killed by Thor, the Asa worrior) into one column in the Crypt" 
 This statue outside the cathedral is kinda weird....and creepy
 One of Lund University buildings 
A glimpse of Malmö
Nice farm Fred, thanks again for the awesome steaks at your place !!

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Unknown said...

Hi Sebastian. Outstanding photography. Sitting in Pakistan I have seen most beautiful places through your camera.