Friday, December 11

Taipei & APDW 2015

Asia Pacific digest week is organised once a year, last year it was in Bali. Which was probably one of the coolest places one can have a business trip. This year it was in Taipei. It's been a long time since I was here, think it was with Kari around 2011. That time we did a Taiwan tour from south to north. This time only stayed around Taipei area for 5 days. Forgot how different it is from Mainland China...The internet is fast and nothing is blocked. People were more helpful and friendly in another way than Shanghai or Beijing. No pollution here either! So much better for living! Did some touring around the city for our guests and met up with Timo too. I can't believe it's almost 7 years since we first met in Beijing. Time flies, fast...Love Taipei, if you want a taste of China without pollution and filled with culture and temples I suggest visiting Taiwan instead of the mainland.

101, one of the tallest towers in the world
View from the cafe on 36th floor 

Restaurant on the 85th floor has an amazing view of the city by night, and also amazing food!
All you need is....

101 misty in the distance 
Bikes bikes mikes
Every day was grey except one, nice week 
Longshan temple 
Some candles for last months incident in Paris
Give a donation, get your name hung in the temple for good luck 
These wooden pieces are thrown on the ground in the temple, their suppose to land on the flat side for good luck. So you keep throwing them around until that...Load of FAIL times for many before they landed the correct way. 
Characters are just so much cooler than our letters
Kids smashing the drum along the street, somekinda 3 day festival now
The 1000 year old egg with tofu....yum 
Yumyum street food 

Confucius temple

Kids having a school tour day to the temple, cute 
Happy looking people 
Old guys just chilling and sitting around the temple 
Night-market with all kinds of stuff available for eating. Not for the faint hearted some of it
BBQ clams
Fried pork
Takoyaki - Squid balls

Shilin night market 
If it's your first time to an Asian country you have to see this place, there are similar streets like this in most places in the east. This one though has a lot choices. 

 Some really old worn out arcade machines 
Chiang Kai Shek memorial 
Kind of a grey day but the monument is still worth seeing

This guy, Timo who I met in Beijing as the first Finnish person in China. Back in 2009. Feels like yesterday but also a million years ago since so much has happened. Cheers brother.
This beergeek bar was a good choice Timo 
Not sure what this was suppose to mean, Chinese don't make any sense either
 Awesome team here in Taiwan, we nailed it 
 One night I went alone around midnight to another night-market to chill and look for some food. Got some corn, strange pork rinds that turned out to be inedible, home made tea that was too sweet and some chicken on a stick. Found a cool spot on a bridge and put on some music. Love this city

Awesome corn with yumyumsauce

 The strange porn rinds 
 Good night Taipei

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