Tuesday, December 8

Hong Kong Symposium

Was going to fly to Hong Kong on a morning flight but because of the "fog" there had been loads of delayed and cancelled flights. The pollution the last few days has been crazy bad. But not nearly as bad as in Beijing. In China there is a measurement of PMI, that is the amount of particles in the air that can go deep into your lungs. In Europe it's advised to keep below 25. In Shanghai it's been on about 250 a few days now and Beijing over 600. Imagine living with that!! Nope, no thanks. And that's one of the main reasons I'm leaving China in a few months. 

So instead of taking off at 11 am from Pudong Airport I left Shanghai around 6 pm. Landed in Hong Kong and rushed to the symposium making it just in time. That was pretty much the whole trip, thanks pollution for wasting my dag. 

Ready to start in 3, 2, 1.....

All that awesome food 

Thanks for making us the guests of honor 
They had 2 camera guys, seems like I'm not the only one looking a the totally wrong direction 
 Bling bling lights 
 Got upgraded to a Club room, breakfast above the city was NOT bad 
 Brekkie view 
 Mongkok skyline 
 Bye bye Hong Kong, see you next month again 

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