Sunday, December 20

Finally home by A350! But where is winter?

Feels like a lot more than 2.5 months since being home but here we are again! Flew the new A350 by Finnair from Shanghai. Was lucky enough to hog 3 seats to myself. Just as an advice if you ever are going to take a long haul flight: Reserve a seat furthest back in the plane. The crew always fills the plane last there. Chances are highest that you get a whole row of seats for yourself if you book in the back. For me this has worked many times! Also the amount of people passing by the back is quite minimal. Had too much coffee during the flight so sleeping more than 1 hour was difficult. Not really any new movies to watch either but there was WIFI on the plane so got some work done.

Didn't really have super much time home, just 2 days to sleep the worse jetlag off. Out with my best mates one night and thats about it. It's se grey here! No snow and 5 degrees. Worse winter in many many years.

Europe's first A350! There was even a schedule when meals were served 
Not too much people in the back 
 Northwest China had coooold looking winter
 They had installed "Northern Lights" 
 Hello is this really Finland in December? Everything still green 
 Probably the only sky I'm going to see in a week 
 From here on it's all grey 
 Using the force? 
 Some pool at good ol' Chaplin
A little later we were Kings for a day
 Stromtrooper Santa in Kamppi at Teknik Magasinet
 And next day was again grey...
 There was a quick 1 hour snowfall. It melted away as quick as it came. 
 Time to leave again, this time a bit more south....Gloomy!
 Wonder if this will fly? 

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