Thursday, December 17

Last week in Shanghai 2015

A year goes by again, time really flies. I feel like I just moved here but that was already last year summer. Wish you all the best of luck in Sweden Fred when moving away. A decade in China has shown you things that you never though would happen or be possible! I'm proud to have you as a friend! A big thanks for the moving help and everything else.

There was a looong que to the airport, first I thought it was just a lot of people traveling this day. Nope, a bus had set itself? on fire. Wonder what really happened here. 
 One of the more clear weekend days with blue-ish sky. 
 Fix some clothes at my tailor. Suits go for about 70 euro and shirts 15. Quality is pretty good too. If you have the right tailor that is...
 Gymming like Bond
 But not ever day has been sunny...Rain kept coming down for 4 days straight 
 A feast! 
 Moving my stuff, this all I own at the moment. Some clothes and 2 xboxes. Everything else I just got rid off. Not taking more than this with me when leaving China soon. 
 Your stand up debut is now viral! 
Awesome man! 

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