Tuesday, August 25

Sumilon Island

Few hours south of Cebu and then a ferry. Where do you get? To a small island sanctuary! There is only 1 resort on the whole island and no cars or anything. It's also a small place, takes about 2 hours to walk around the whole thing. Sumilon is actually a massive choral island which was used by pirates in the old times. I recommend walking around the island. We also found a lighthouse on the top of the hill! Warming, Mom should NOT watch the lighthouse climbing pictures, so please skip the last ones ok? 

There lies Sumilon! 
 Taking a boat out 

 looks clean...poor sea 
 Arriving in paradise!! 

 Diving here is suppose to be amazing, too bad no time for that on a day-trip 

 Wonder is they use dynamite to fish here, so much broken chorals were washed up 
 Biggest seashell I seen 

 Loooooads of dead chorals 
 That view! 

 Splash splash 

 Random? Abandoned house in the jungle. First thing we thought was having a rave there :D 
 West sand bank, the perfect beach 

 There were "ghosts" in the grotto 

 Amazing infinity pool 
Ready for some lighthouse climbing 
 So we want to go up here 
 Looks safe enough (was not my first thought)
 Stunning view from the top 

Going up! And Mom you did not see this. 
Stupid things done today: This 

At about 3/4 going up the fear sort of crippled all my senses. Real fear can do many things to your mind. Just got an "AHA" feeling of how people are being controlled by fear. But in this case we all got u safe and down safe. It was one of the most amazing experiences this year. 
Winners taking a beer 
Old maurader fortress 
 Looks safe 
 One of the few choral churches in the world 
 Made out of choral in 16th hundreds 
 All the bishops for the church, goes back a long way 

 oink oink 
Not even crowded for 1 little motorbike 
 Funeral Philippines style

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