Tuesday, August 18

Cebu - My new apartment soon done

About 3 years ago we were walking around the center of Cebu quite tired and hungover from a long night at mango square. Took into a hair salon that cut our hair, beard, manicure, pedicure and gave a nice back massage all together for 3 euros. Reason for this "full set" was that we had been diving 12 days on a deserted island without any kind of services. Just one with the nature...A little later we had sign a contract to buy a condo in a new apartment complex called Horizon 101 in Cebu. Horizon 101 will be finished end of this year and I will have a vacation apartment!! If anyone wants to rent it just let me know. 34th floor with ocean view 

Almost done....
Outdoor pool on the 12th floor 
Living room 

Thank you Miguel for the amazing food places! Cebu lechon is soooo good! Ordered 1 kilo of pork and it was one of the best I ever had! Could eat this stuff everyday. You must try this in Cebu! Also the BBQ stalls have great stuff. 
1 kg of pork, add some chilli and kalamansi with soy sauce and you have the best sauce ever
Rice is packed like this 
BBQ market

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