Tuesday, August 11

Most amazing fireworks ever! Tsukiji Festival


The summer Hanabi (firework) festival is about to begin by Edogawa! Thousands of people have gathered here to see the spectacular show of 14.000 fireworks lighting up the sky. I must say, this was the most amazing fire work show I have ever seen. Not even the national day fireworks in Hong Kong came close to this. 
The last blonde Samurai. Now a proud owner of a Yukata (light kimono). Thanks Boo 

Asahi, yes please 
 Loads of food stalls, but it was busyyyy
 Waiting for the show to start 
ZIMA! In one of the Archer episodes his cancer medicine has been has been faked and Krieger suspects it's Zima. Didn't know what Zima was before, last year I learned it was a drink. Now I finally got to taste this "mystery" thing. It's like a kind of Cider.
 A guy signalling to his family where he is with a orange t-shirt. Smart! But took him at least half an hour before they found him. 
 Let the fireworks, begin!! The pictures are not nearly as good as seeing it live. But they will give you an idea how big this thing was. 

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