Monday, August 10

Amazing Tokyo!

So the first night we went to a "Aquarium Art" exhibition that's been opened about a year ago. They have all species of goldfish here. The setup looks great! I was also interviewed for Japanese TV at the event...First time on TV in Japan now. 

THE fishbowl! Never seen a more stylish one 

Lot of things you could NOT do here

Filming for Japanese TV, random. Talking about what gold fish I liked

 Wonder how much this confuses the fish by having a projector on them all day
Yoyogi park, even the bikes are neatly arranged and each has it's "own place". They really know how to keep order here.
 Park chilling
 Meiji Shirine
Loads of SAKE

Muiji shrine

Some architecture for Audi
I think I was here during a wedding in 2009
Hede, look! Naruto new movie!
Shibuya 109, the "main" building of the area
Shop till you drop

Liberty in Tokyo at Odaiba
Polar bears spilling a tear for global warming
Ebisu, loads of small Izakayas (restaurants)
A different kind of Cafe. It said on the sign "get drunk in a different way". Yeah sure why not but coffee this time, only 11 am

Today's menu, sake sake sake
Small shrine in Ebisu
 Promoting domestic chicken at KFC
Tokyo Station
The Imperial Palace

Went to the Science Museum, left in 10 minutes when I noticed it was just for kids. Must have taken the wrong museum
I feel that in many cases it should be called "Global Colding". The summers are colder and winters last for much longer now
Emmm creepy
70 craft beers, year please Happy Hour keep them coming

Nuts anyone?
 And then some midnight dancing at Tsukiji Honganji temple along with amazing food

Have to admit I did not do very well

It was very crowded

Shinjuku, went to see newest Terminator in 4D. Was amazing! The seats move and the picture is so real that it feels like the robots almost came out of the screen
Brunch with unlimited Brasilian meat, yum yum!!
Hack and slash
Giant spider guarding the Mori tower in Roppongi
An army of Doraemons

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