Sunday, August 16

Repack and go again

Another really short visit in Shanghai. Just enough time to wash my clothes, go to gym, pick up stuff from the dry-cleaning and deal with bank stuff and play some Xbox.

When I was heading the to airport next morning it was a Tesla who picked me up! Never been in one. It's 100% powered by electricity. With one charge it can drive 400 km. By the supercharge stations they can fully charge in about 30 - 45 minutes. If you charge it by a normal power plug home it takes 6 hours. Every car in a huge city should be like this! Goodbye to fossil fuels! But then again, producing the lithium batteries the car need can't be that good for the environment.

Still hot here, ice cold pre-gym drink on the balcony 
 Tesla! And huge screen 
First time I came to the lounge here I was a bit surprised. lounge food? Well after coming here 50 times you get used to it. Sweaty noodles, soda water and some black coffee
 Transfer in Hong Kong, looooove the dim sum. And it's cheap too! 
 Yum yum yum 
 Hong Kong was the third country I travelled to in Asia, somehow feels like coming back home when landing here so often. Not that I ever really lived here. 

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