Monday, August 17

Manila Vanilla

Back to Manila again. I called my grandmom today and said I was in Manila. She said she remembers stories about Manila from when she was young. There were no beds or pillows in that city she says. Got me thinking, how did Manila look like in 1950s? It must have changed so much...

Granny is spending a lot of time in the hospital and I'm really hoping for her recovery. Just 3 more weeks and then it's time to fly back home! Be well "Momi".

But back to Manila....There is not really anything to see in the city. What you will end up seeing is probably the traffic. Took me 3 hours to get from the airport to hotel and that's less than 20 kilometers. Crazy bad...Just lie down and nap on the back seat of the car.

Went walking around a small area in the city. It's a bit dodgy and not a very "walk-friendly" city. I've also been told not to walk too far away from the bigger hotel areas. People don't have knives here but prefer to use ice-picks. Nope, not gonna find out how one of those look like.

Hotel garden is nice, and safe 
White elephants 

 Workout time in the pool 

Probably the best hotel gym ever, ice cold too! 
 Took a walk around the block, wonder if this sign breaks some IPO rights 
 Street vendors and people looking at me as if I was a bit lost 

 protect your bikes 
 This sign! Philippines is a deeply catholic country 

 Looks legit
 Tiny market, they didn't have my shoe size 
 Another small market build inside an elevated bridge of some kind. Would be perfect for a rave. 

 Guys going to work 
 some cold cuts 
 Breakfast at hotel had cronuts! First try, and they were amazing. It's a mix of croissant and donut 
 Seen in the supermarket, in Manila chicken is sexy...
 Bye bye Manila, there is always a que for security check number 1. Then you have to do a second one inside, surprisingly check-in and everything went really fast. 

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