Thursday, June 18

Best of London

You would need a few weeks to explore the city in whole but here are some of the highlights :) Also learned who Jack the Ripper was! 

Tate Modern art - All museums in London are free! I wonder how they are founded 

 These small old streets, people didn't save space before! 
 Museum of London - The Olympic fire was set on this device 
 Dubble decker going to Waterloo. Anyone should know where they are seeing this 
Monster machine   
 Borough market is a must, amazing food of all kinds! 

 Always so busy Oxford Street 
 Bond, notice they guy in the hat to the left 
 British Museum - Probably the best place in Europe to visit if you like Egyptian stuff
 Babylon writings, translate that...
 Propaganda before, it's always been there 
 Not another Tom Cruise samurai
 Awesome activity for the kids 

 Really wanna go see this place 
Amazing library 
 Watch collectors from the past 

The Italian corner 
 The pineapple house 
 London wall, what little is left 
 Brick Lane 
 Suddenly looks like something else than London 
 Market for all kinds of stuff
 Who was Jack the Ripper? Montague John Druitt 
 London would not be London without some fine ale with fish & chips 

 London at night 

 St. Pauls 
 All pubs should look like this! 
 Cool hotel design 
 Royal Supreme Court 
 The Eye at night 


 Night tour by bikes 
 Looks nice! 
 But the city has a loooot of homeless people 
 Westminster Abbey
 Last year I came here there was about 100 meter of line to get in here, now, none. Have to see! 

 The Man 

 Coffee in the bunker 
 Miss this place

 For the Queen at Cabinet office 

 Parliament Square 
 Entering Trafalgar Square, middle gate only for the royal family. Behind the picture Buckingham Palace 
 Trafalgar Square 
 St. Martin and the strange window 

 The bullet 

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