Friday, June 19

Back to Royal Kingdom of Stockholm

Feels like coming home every time! Scandinavias most beautiful city, specially in the summer! Flight was slightly late so it was just crash in bed after arriving. 
On the second day we went out to Fjäderholmarna to eat, amazing restaurant out in the archipelago. Traditional scandinavian food and also beer brewed on the island. Amazing! Wish I would stay longer than just 3 days this time...Hopefully time passes fast and then back again! 

Farewell beautiful and amazing London
The land of a thousand lakes
 Strandvägen - Stockholms most exclusive area 
 Fjäderholmarna - Didn't even know this cool places existed! 
 The most beautiful place during summer! Nordic archipelago! Like no other, but during winter it's a very different story. 

 Gös! Fula fisken 
 Sun sets over Gamla Stan 
 Fika! Anyone who's ever been to Sweden knows what I'm talking about 

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