Tuesday, June 23

Shanghai in 26 hours

Another 10 hour night flight to Shanghai. Was very lucky again and had 2 seats for myself even thought the plane was full! Plane was about 2 hours delayed in Helsinki...First time that happened. Didn't really feel tired during the whole ride so just watched movies and worked. Tried to snooze a bit but don't think I got any shuteye for more than max an hour. After coming back home in Shanghai just took a quick power nap and then to the office. Some stuff to prepare for tomorrows trip to Bangkok...Here we go again!

And what's the odds, again leaving the rain behind! Too bad that the rain caused a 3.5 hour delay in the flight.... Many flights were cancelled so at least I was lucky enough to not be part of them. 2 delayed flights in a row, great.

Hello downtown Shanghai! I never seen it like this before! Shanghai tower at over 600 meters! 
 Not too much fun driving in the rain, luckily office just 10 minutes away
 And time to go again...They gave us a coupon for food because of the delay. I don't know what's up with the beef in China because it is so CHEWY! Like chewing gum, not tender at all. And taste not good either. Only thing could finish was the rice

 Could choose 1 thing from the menu...only 1 thing and it was this meal
 By now I should have landed in Bangkok already...nope not this time. 

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