Friday, June 5

Leaving Shanghai

It's time again....just when getting used to the China time step on the plane and go west. This time, further west all the way to London. But before leaving I've been passing this mall with loads of mini pandas. Had to go see what it was about, turn out it was a promotion for some brand. I must give it to them, pretty elaborate marketing. There were 10.000 pandas in total! 
 Panda attack! 
 Found this in the Family Mart next to my flat, totally not fake huh? iDiffer! lol
 Pudong airport...again. The view from Cathay Pacific lounge is pretty cool
 This guy had some baggage? 
 My plane was 4 hours late...everyone just sat waiting. After about 2 hours there were 2 really angry Chinese who started to scream at the Finnair staff why can't they leave the plane while waiting...Well on an international flight according to Chinese law, you can't. Ended up sitting 4h + 10.5h in this one seat. I was lucky though because I had 2 seats for myself and was able to sleep as much as I wanted during that time.
 "Illaksi kotiin"
 Transfer at Helsinki airport...Reindeer burgers anyone?
 Bad Elk...this was new 
 Decided that maybe the reindeer burger wasn't what I wanted. This massive shrimp salad was amazing though. 

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