Monday, June 22

Summer vacation! Pellinge, Helsinki!

It's gonna be a short vacation this time so gotta make the most out of it! A reunion with old friends, some Xbox, see family, go out to the island and eat well :)

Last week was too busy for some workout. Going out at 2am and it's still this light. Midsummer in the north... 
 Parkstad, just outside Helsinki center at aunts house 
 Flower power
Road trip reunion from 2008, time really flies!
 Helsinki days, have a free meal on the longest table in the city 
 City center, probably the best office view in town! 

 Food! So much different foods! 
 Boat to Lonna island too crowded...What to do? Call a friend and have him drive us 
 Thanks buddy 
 Lonna island, opening party. But this summer is crazy cold! Only something like 12 degrees and wind, hasn't been this cold during June since 1991 here 
 Cold or not, still amazingly beautiful 
 Crips clear! 

 Oldschool! Didn't know they still had these ! 
 After a long night out it's great to come to Pellinge to chill out a bit. Good food, sauna and nature 

 Mom always makes it wonderful! 

 Potato peelers, gloves with a rough surface that cleans the potato when you rub it. 

 Seems to rain every time I leave a place - See you soon Shanghai! 

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