Sunday, June 2

Wedding! HiooiH

Was invited to Linda's cousins wedding this weekend, it was held in Beijing Capital Hotel. This one was much more straight forward then the one I went to in Wuhan a few months ago. The bride and groom walked is, some short speeches were made. After that they showed pictures of both when they were young, then a video of the groom making a cake and finally he sang a song to the bride. After that we ate and then it was already finished. Started at 10.00 am and ended at 14.00. Quite different from how it is back home!

 Strange to see black Swans on the hotel backyard. Looks like it's feeding time, swan convoy go
 Best wishes to the couple! 

 Cold starters and.....cigarettes!
 A song for the wife!
 And ceremony done
The traditional flower throw

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