Thursday, June 13

The food & fun @ home plus some Aussie videos

Ok, this entry will seem dumb and silly to all of you who live home in Finland but to me who's been away a year now it's not. The food is so great here!!! And the selection in all supermarkets, I completely forgot how nice it was. Not to mention a 200 inch projector screen of Gear of Wars Co-op with Hede. Great to be back! 

Gear in action, once a nerd always a nerd
 Coffee yoghurt, seriously...wasn't bad but a bit strange. Wonder what else new I'll find here
Moms pancakes with ice-cream and home made raspberry jam <3 nbsp="" p="">
How it looked after a party....bottles, cans and crap everywhere
More BBQ! 

And here are some videos that are amazing, took them in Malbourne and Tazmania, havent had a chance to upload them because internet has been so slow in China and Youtube is blocked there. Just click the links and it will open in Youtube.

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