Wednesday, June 12

Kaljafudis :)

Once every summer a football matched is organised, this year in Drumsö. Price is unlimited glory and a  trofee from whoever won it the last year. After the match it time for beer, hence the name Kaljafudis (kalja = beer, fudis = football). Didn't have time to play because I came straight from the airport but it was great seeing everyone after 1 year of not being in Finland! 

One of Drumsö's grass fields
Post beers
Human lighthouse
With a view of downtown 
The "Redbull girls" came and gave us 2-twelve packs of Redbull. They drive around town in the weekend and come and give a few lucky ones Redbulls, promotion drinks. Second time it happens, last time was....10 years ago? Thank juuu !
 And the sun is I missed the fresh air and sea! 

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