Sunday, June 30

Rock the beach in Helsinki

One of those great summer festivals were kept in the heart of Helsinki on the beach just 20 minute walk to central downtown "Hietaniemi". Loads of big names and heavy rock bands played here like Green Day, 30 Seconds from Mars, Apulanta, Rammstein and many more. Everything was really well organised, plenty of great food and toilets. Weather was also sunny and warm most of the time. Awesome to sit on the beach, have a drink with some friends and listen to wonderful music. Thanks Linda, Jussi, Stefan and other for an amazing festival. Guess Singapore and Thailand aren't the only places where you can get a good tan...

Chilling on the beach while waiting for the bigger artists to start playing


30 Seconds from Mars, this gig was much better than 2 years ago in Shanghai

 Sun setting, the festival location could not have been better

 Green Day, first time ever seeing Basket Case live!
 The perfect evening

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