Sunday, June 2

Grand Opening of 3 Sums

There have been many smaller events at 3 Sums but now it's finally open 7 days a week! For the grand opening there were burgers served the whole day and free flow of drinks. Now it's official, a few months ago this place looked like a dump. Go Linda!

Saw these bikes by the petrol station on my way to 3 Sums, W0000t?
Jerry Guo - The guy behind the whole burger concept
nonmnomnom food!

1200 burgers, 700 liters of beer, 12 bottles of wine and 12 gallons of punch were used up on this event. Over 300 people showed up to get a eat as much as you can and drink as much as you can for 100 rmb! 

 Get your ticket for 100 to get food & drinks
 Stand in line for burgers!

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