Tuesday, June 11


It feels like forever since I've been home, have never waited this much to leave Beijing. It's been about 355 days since my last time to Finland. A year can pass by so fast...There has been so much happening and so much travel the past 1 year for me that it would be impossible to remember everything I've done if it wasn't for this blog. Then there was also the TV serie MITT NYA LAND that was shown in Finland recently. I heard from a lot of relatives about me being in it but so far have NOT watched in myself. Got it on DVD, need to make some copies of it and give it to all of you who took part in it! Thanks!!!
It's great to be home, thank you SO MUCH Karin for helping me with the tickets home! Hope the souvenirs where the rights ones I got you. Was lucky with the plane too, had 3 seats for myself so slept half of the way and watched movies the rest, it's a 8 hour flight from Beijing to Helsinki. Finnair has a charger for computer under the seat, haven't known that before. The food was bad, I think they took Air Chinas crappy rice & noodle set because it was exactly the same as the stuff I used to get on Shanghai - Beijing flights. 
 3 seats means ZzzzZzzzZzzzz.....
First thing I see when I come home was a damn long slide on our yard....Brother was preparing a party and had made some special arrangements....was really cool! It worked well too after adding some soap on to it, one guy almost flew over the whole pool because the speed got a bit too fast. 
The first real Scandinavian lunch in a year! Warm and cold smoked salmon, potatoes, carrots  potato salad and eggs.  Nomnomnomnom!!
And for dessert...cloudberries!
 Just next to home..streets are empty, roads are empty, no chatter, constant noise....wow, home is really so so peaceful compared to Beijing
The stores here...how I wish they would have this kind of selection of meat and stuff in China...And also that the meat would be safe to eat there! The supermarkets here and pretty much everywhere else than Mainland China are just amazing. Only a selected few in Beijing comes even close to then ones here. 
 So after 1 year of no BBQ food, me and Henkka bought a bigger set. This 1.7 kilos of chicken, loads of bacon, corn and a bag of sausages was evenly divided on 2 persons :) YUM!
Another awesome thing here, bike to ride in the summer ! It was fast like a bullet! And the sound is better I heard any car make. Have to get one of these in China! 

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