Wednesday, June 19

Back to the Island - Making of a BBQ

Great to come back the fresh Finnish archipelago! Location: About 1 hour drive outside Helsinki in the archipelago of Porvoo

View from Baggholmen

For years we have used this really small barbecue consisting of a few bricks but now decided to make a bigger once since there are so much people coming over for midsummer next weekend! I went to buy 5 bags of cement and loaded the car with 100 bricks and then drive 1 hour + boat 15 mins. Was quite a lot to carry. Started with measuring it and adding some steel bars to the founding so it will hold better. After that it was just slowly placing bricks and mixing more cement. These pictures are taken in 2 days, was quite slow job but now it's almost done and midsummer barbecue will be legendary! 

The base, 600kg of rocks and cement to keep it steady 
Bringing all the stuff
 Measuring everything before starting the job
 Mix some cement...
 And we start laying the first bricks
 After about 1 hour of work we have 1 wall up already :)
 Few hours more starting to look like something
 And advancing

 Rock wasn't straight enough so had to go all Beni Benassi on it, taka taka taka
 Some bricks were also too big and needed cutting, great to do something compared to the city life in Beijing. The only thing you get to do in cities are Ikea furniture.....
The second day it already looked like this, not much more 
 Laying the final red bricks on 
 And 90% done! It started raining and we were out of cement, next weekend the rest will be done, but almost done! 
Small hut I used to live in when I was a kid
There had been a huge storm during the autumn and a lot of trees had fallen....cut the power cords too

Now we got wood for many years to come!

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