Tuesday, February 19

Tasmania for a few days!

One of the places I always wanted to see, Tasmania. It's kind of a mystery place where few people have been. Tasmanian Devil, blood sucking bats and what not. So what to expect from a place like this? No idea....The flight from Melbourne only takes 1 hour and by the cheaper airline companies one way ticket is about 50-80 AUD. I made the following plans how to drive around. First fly to Hobart and from there go around the central part and east coast. It was amazingly beautiful everywhere!! 
I flew to Hobart first which is the "capital" of Tasmania. Rented a car online and informed the company that I would be arriving at 19.30 in the evening. For some reason they had written 7.30 on the list and therefore messed up the booking. Someone else had needed the car I originally rented...So they gave me this Subaru Sport model car with a 3.0 liter engine. Was amazing to drive!!! And only for about 100 AUD / day so price wasn't that bad either. 
Main street where my hotel for the night was 
Looked funny from inside, was also some sort of gallery
Main "walking" street with this and that shops

Night fishing boat 

Some great fish and chips here 
Old church on town hill
Walking around Hobart gives you sort of a mystery feeling. The town feels so old, like they have not moved in time for 100 years. Houses are old and the whole architecture is different from anywhere else I been to. 

The bar and market area where all people gather in the evenings
 and the market/bar area isn't build yesterday...

Towards to explore Tasmania! Sunset already looks promising! 

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