Monday, February 11

CNY & Mornington

Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world! The streets in China Town of Melbourne were packed with people watching the dragon dance, eating Chinese food and lightning up fireworks. There was a dragon visiting every restaurant while loud drums were booming in the background. I will upload a video of this later when I get better Wifi available. 

 Catch and eat the lettuce
Fireworks at the end of each dragon show
Was sooo packed with people

 More dragon dances

Pray for good fortune, now my 2013 should be good :)

China Town - Melbourne
After looking at the show and eating a nice lunch took the car and drove out to Mornington. It's practically a just many kilometres of sandy beaches, beautiful hills and super chill area to live at.

 My favourite road sign in Australia :) Watch out for Kangarooooos!
Beautiful views while driving 
Villa area with nice view!
 Beaches full of jelly fish of some kind 
 And sun is setting @ Mornington

Bird bird bird and big bird

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