Monday, February 25

Polly Woodside @ Melbourne

Old ship for display most days of the week in the heart of Melbourne - Polly Woodside. It was one of the most unwanted ships to work on and many times they had to recruit prisoners because no one else wanted to work on the ship. The ship has sailed 16 times around the world and was mainly carrying coal and fertiliser  The problem with these 2 goods is that they catch fire very easily and fertiliser smells really bad!  The minimum crew to operate the ship was 11 people but sometimes it was as high as 21 persons onboard. The cargo came all from South America and was then brought back to Australia. Ship is in great condition and well restored to it's original shape (although now it's much nicer than what it used to be back in the days). Polly could take up to 650 tons of cargo on each shipments per voyage. And was sailing between 1885 - 1922.

 Equipments quarters

 Cargo deck
Captains Kitchen
 and captains bath
 Captains quarters
 Kids scrubbing the deck 

 Crew quarters 
 It's located just next to Melbournes exhibition center

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