Wednesday, February 20

Port Arthur and then north to Launceston

Driving to Port Arthur is one of the best things by the eastern coast in Tasmania. There are high mountains, beaches, lookout places and great waves! A bit like great ocean road...

Early morning was a bit cloudy
Maingon Bay Lookout and weather has cleared!

White sandy beaches...wish I could stay here forever

Massive seaweed!
M&M candies...

Some hard core road tripping people...the were dancing on their car and had written it full of stuff...Wonder how many times they got pulled over by the cops... In fact I was also pulled over by a police because I didn't notice the sign of 60 and was driving 78. When I showed my licence and telling him I'm from Finland only 3 days here to drive around he said that drive safely and just gave me a warning. Thank you a lot Mr. Tasmanian policeman!
Just southeast of Hobart lies the old prison camp called Port Arthus. In the late 90th century the place had a few farmers working to cut wood and process it. Labour was needed so they started to "import prisoners" from Victoria. Port Arthur grew fast into a wood producent, blacksmith and wool producer. The prison that was established here was much like the old Gaule in Melbourne, complete silent confinement for the inmates and masks so that you could not recognise your friends. There was also a punishment cell that was completely sealed off and dark where "naughty" prisoners were kept for days.  The whole prison camp is huge, after a fire about 100 years ago most of the things burned down, now a lot of it in just ruins. 

Not a bad view for a prisoner though

Simple rooms for anyone sitting here
Pictures of inmates that served here
The only thing left of the church is the walls and towers
Driving around in Tasmania is seriously beautiful. Spectacular views everywhere!
 After Port Arthur I set of driving towards Walls Of Jerusalem. Driving here was not easy, I was met with 20 kilometer of sandy bad road and it took ages to drive. When I arrived it was almost getting dark already and walking up to the hills was a long way. So I didn't make it to the top....this is the only "good" picture I got of it...maybe next time. If you are thinking of going here then reserve a lot of time and a JEEP! Roads are seriously crap! 
Sun starting to set and I don't wanna be caught in the jungle when it gets dark...

Tried to get into the Marakoopa caves but it was closed for the day, tomorrow again!
Hydro dam waterfall
 This is what you see every 2-3 kilometer around Tasmania. Dead Kangaroos, wombats and other animals...Someone had just driven over this bigger Kangaroo on the way to Walls of Jerusalem
 Arrived late in the evening around 22 in Launceston where I stayed the night. Outside the bed and breakfast place was this old cathedral.  
 And obviously there had happened something important in this B&B place before...
 Town hall of Launceston

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