Saturday, March 11

Osaka for a weekend

We had some symposiums in Osaka for the weekend. First time going to this city and not visiting Universal Studios :P Maybe this incoming Halloween again if time permits.
Loads of local okonomiyaki please!

Shinkansen bullet train takes about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Osaka 
 Highland scenery 
 Good afternoon Osaka! 
And the coolest manhole prize goes to Osaka! 
Umeda sky building
 Had 2 hours to kill so went out for a river run 

 Dotombori shopping and restaurant area 

 Osaka speciality: okonomiyaki 

 nom nom nom 
 Takoyaki's very popular here too (squid balls)
 Crowded on a Saturday night 
The Glico man "Guraiko" You probably seen this logo in a lot of places. Saw it in a bar in New York a few months ago. 
 Breakfast empty when you go eating at 6 am on a Sunday....
 To work! 
 BioGaia symposium on colic and constipation for children 
Lunch during the symposium was a perfectly balanced obento box 
Our exhibition. Information how BioGaia helps with infant colic 
 Shabu shabu dinner to wrap up the day 
 Night run 10 km to explore city. Beautiful! 

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